Sinew - Peter Schroeder - Equus Artium

Sinew – The horse in service to man measures only in kind with sinews of spirit....

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Strength Of Amore

Strength of Amore ~ The power of a stallion courting a mare is humbled by her submission as a reflection of the heart of horse....

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Strength of Amore

Equestrian Artistry - Peter Schroeder - Equus Artium

Equestrian Artistry – There is no more graceful than the power of compliance in a majestic equine during a performance with equine artist....

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Equestrian Artistry

Saving Equine - Peter Schroeder - Animalis Artium

Saving Equine ~ Running free in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area this ardent Palomino dashes in and around tumbleweed and t...

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Saving Equine

Water Cross - Peter Schroeder - Equus Artium

Water Cross ~ Wading in water shadowed by a maze of branches, this white speckled gelding pauses as if to look at the broken roots mirroring his cross...

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Water Cross